Kara Stubbs

Software Developer based in London, UK.


👩🏻‍💻 Technical Experience

Software Engineer @ Formidable Labs (Dec 2018 -> Present) Software Consultancy focused on React, Node, GraphQL

  • Consulted and built various client projects covering E-commerce, HR administration, and data analytics/ visualisation.
  • Particular technical focus on CI/CD processes, Frontend UI/UX, and GraphQL.
  • Worked on client focussed skills throughout.
  • Worked in distrubuted teams and clients in the US.
  • Mentored junior developers on personal-development.
  • Key technologies: React, GQL, Node, Serverless, Cypress, Docker, CircleCI
  • OSS: Maintained and developed 4 OSS projects

Software Engineer @ MOO (Jan 2018 -> Dec 2018) Design and print company.

  • Worked on core design SPA.
  • Key technologies: React, Python, Gitlab CI

✍🏻 Articles

🌍 On The Side

  • Game disc beauty a project to better understand using SVG elements and hand-coding SVG paths.
  • Codebar Ex-organiser, changed focus to mentoring.
  • QueerCode Ex-organiser.

👩🏻‍🎓 Education

  • Self-taught web developer 2017 -> Present.
  • LLM Biotechnology Law and Ethics 2015.
  • BSc Biochemistry 2014.